Colorants and Markers

Colorants and markers play an essential role in various industrial applications, providing increased visibility, precise identification, and traceability of fluids and materials. At Fluotechnik, we offer a complete range of colorants and markers specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the industry.

Our colorants and markers are developed with the rigorous requirements of different industries in mind. They provide a range of vibrant and durable colors, ensuring maximum visibility for accurate identification of fluids, materials, or surfaces.

There are numerous applications for our colorants and markers. In the chemical industry, they are used for container marking, chemical coloring, raw material traceability, and many other safety and compliance applications.

In the construction and building industry, our colorants and markers are used for marking and identification of coatings, construction materials, and specific areas. This facilitates project management, structure maintenance, and safety on construction sites.

In the automotive industry, our colorants and markers are used for the identification of coolant liquids, lubricants, and fuels. This enables precise tracking of fluids, efficient maintenance, and prevention of errors during filling and draining operations.

At Fluotechnik, we are committed to providing high-quality colorants and markers that have been tested and approved for their performance and compatibility with different industries. We work closely with industry professionals to understand their specific needs and develop tailored solutions.

Explore our range of colorants and markers in our online store and discover the solutions that best meet your specific needs. At Fluotechnik, we are determined to provide high-quality tracing products that contribute to the efficiency, safety, and compliance of your industrial processes.