UV Fluorescent Clear Tracers

Fluotechnik's UV fluorescent clear tracers for water are indispensable allies for building professionals, particularly in the roofing and waterproofing fields. These tracers, invisible to the naked eye, become visible under UV light, offering a precise and non-intrusive method of leak detection.

One of the key advantages for roofers and waterproofing specialists is the ability of these tracers not to alter or damage the substrates. Whether it's roofs, terraces, or waterproof coatings, the use of clear tracers ensures that materials remain intact and without marks, thus preserving the aesthetics and integrity of structures.

Additionally, these tracers are extremely useful for long-term tracing and marking of leaks. Professionals can apply the tracers and regularly monitor under UV light to track the evolution of leaks, enabling targeted and effective intervention.

Furthermore, the ability of the tracers to leave no visible trace is crucial for restoration projects where preserving the original appearance is paramount.

In summary, Fluotechnik's UV fluorescent clear tracers are a valuable asset for roofing and waterproofing professionals, combining precision, discretion, and material respect for optimal leak management and superior maintenance.