Non-fluorescent color tracers

UV non-fluorescent dyes play an essential role in the visual tracing of pipes and the detection of leaks in drinking water systems, particularly in health-sensitive environments. At Fluotechnik, we offer a range of non-fluorescent dyes specially designed to meet the needs of visual tracing and food quality.

In the pipe industry, visual tracing is a commonly used method for locating and tracking pipe networks. Our UV non-fluorescent dyes are designed to be visible to the naked eye, making visual tracing detection much easier, and enabling leaks, ruptures or obstructions in pipelines to be quickly identified. This visual tracing method offers an effective solution for the inspection and maintenance of pipe networks in both residential and industrial applications.

For applications involving drinking water and health-sensitive environments, we offer food-grade tracers specially formulated to guarantee safety and compliance with the most stringent health standards. These food-grade tracers can be used to trace drinking water, enabling the tracking and detection of leaks, contamination or undesirable mixtures in drinking water networks. They are non-toxic and food-certified, making them ideally suited to the sanitary requirements of water treatment plants and the food industry.

At Fluotechnik, we understand the importance of safety and compliance with health standards in tracing pipelines and monitoring drinking water quality. That's why we're committed to providing high-quality non-fluorescent colorants, specially formulated to meet the requirements of visual tracing and food quality.

Explore our range of non-fluorescent UV light tracers for visual tracing in pipelines and food-grade tracers for drinking water and health-sensitive environments in our online store. At Fluotechnik, we're committed to providing you with high-quality tracing products, contributing to safety, efficiency and compliance with health standards." Please do not hesitate to send me your comments or request modifications if necessary.