Concentrated Liquid Tracers

The concentrated liquid tracers we offer are exclusively dedicated to tracing in natural environments for hydrogeological studies of groundwater and surface water. At Fluotechnik, we provide a complete range of concentrated liquid tracers specifically formulated to ensure optimal visibility and facilitate precise localization of water flows.

Our concentrated liquid tracers are designed to meet the specific requirements of professionals working in the field of hydrogeology. Their high-quality formulation ensures high concentration, allowing for precise and cost-effective dosing during studies in natural environments.

The use of our concentrated liquid tracers offers numerous advantages for hydrogeological studies. Their increased visibility allows for accurate detection of tracing marks in groundwater and surface water, facilitating the understanding of water flows, identification of reservoirs, aquifer mapping, and detection of potential pollutants.

Our concentrated liquid tracers are easy to use and quickly mix with groundwater and surface water. They provide clear and visible traceability, enabling precise and reliable data collection for hydrogeological studies in natural environments.

At Fluotechnik, we are committed to providing high-quality concentrated liquid tracers that have been tested and certified for their performance and safety. We work closely with hydrogeology professionals to develop solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Discover our range of concentrated liquid tracers for hydrogeological studies in natural environments in our online store. At Fluotechnik, we are determined to provide high-quality tracing solutions that allow you to conduct your studies with precision, reliability, and efficiency.