Contamination Simulation

Contamination simulation is a valuable tool in many fields, offering opportunities for learning, training, and safety. At Fluotechnik, we offer a complete range of contamination simulation products designed to meet the specific needs of various sectors.

In the field of nuclear safety and chemical hazards, contamination simulation allows for the reproduction of realistic scenarios for training intervention teams and preparedness for emergency situations. Fluotechnik's contamination simulation products, such as fluorescent powders and liquids, simulate the presence of radioactive or toxic substances, facilitating evacuation exercises, decontamination, and emergency response management.

In industrial environments, contamination simulation is used in professional training to raise awareness among workers about the risks associated with handling hazardous substances. Contamination simulation products help create realistic scenarios for learning good safety practices, detecting contaminations, and proper use of personal protective equipment.

In the medical field, contamination simulation is used to train personnel in handling procedures for sensitive and hazardous products, such as pathogens, corrosive chemicals, and radioisotopes. Contamination simulation products simulate the presence of these substances, facilitating hands-on training and the development of skills necessary to ensure the safety of patients and medical staff.

Furthermore, fluorescence is widely used to enhance safety and maritime identification. Fluorescent products, such as beacons and markers, improve the visibility of safety equipment, buoys, navigation lights, and warning signals, contributing to accident prevention and safety at sea.

At Fluotechnik, we understand the importance of contamination simulation in various fields. That is why we are committed to providing high-quality contamination simulation products that have been tested and approved for their performance and compatibility with the specific requirements of each sector.

Explore our range of contamination simulation products in our online store and discover the solutions that best meet your specific needs. At Fluotechnik, we are determined to provide high-quality simulation products that contribute to safety, training, and preparedness for emergency situations.